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Rectangle Tool Boxes with Swing Out Doors

Standard Features includes :

  • Body : 3mm Aluminium Treadplate Body with tig Welded end Seams
  • 14 Degree Tapper on side Starts 300mm from Base
  • Lift up Door : 2mm Plain Plate with Square tube Frame
  • Weather Proof Hinge (Centre Flex Hinge)
  • 2x Gas Stays
  • Compression Locks
  • Full Perimeter Rubber Seal (Pinchweld)

Optional items :

  • Adjustable Shelving (Custom Sizes)
  • Draw System's
  • internal Lighting // 12volt Accessory Outlet
  • Dividers // Venting // Seperate Doors
  • Central Locking : Either to Vehicles Remote or on a Seperate Key Pad
  • Painted, Colour Coded to Vehicle
  • (Note : Painted items are Constructed out of Plain Plate instead of Chq Plate)

On this Vehicle :

  • Standard Alloy Tray
  • Mesh Window Protector
  • WebForge Drop Down Step
  • Full Width Light Plate on HeadBoard Tube
  • 2x Amber Rotating Beacons & 2x Work Light
  • Faulse Floor setup with Storage Compartment (Access only when Side panel is Down)
  • Rectangle Chq Plate Tool Box with 3 internal Shelves & 2x Swing Out Doors
  • Rectangle Chq Plate ToolBox with Adjustable Shelf & 3 Swing Out Doors


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bullbars, 4x4 tray bodies, load racks, toolboxes, custom body building and aluminium fabrication, as well as side steps, sportsbars and roof racks. Our Aluminium Auto Accessories cater for Ford, Holden, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota and Various trucks. View our online product range for the best quality auto accessories in South Australia.

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